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You can use DECIPHER's Design Primers web tool to design the optimal set of PCR primers for targeting one group of DNA sequences in the presence of many non-target groups. If you are looking for genus-specific 16S primers then also try our 16S Oligos tool.

F.A.Q.        Inputs        Outputs

Email address (where to send results): [?]

Job title (optional): [?]

Use Taq 3'-end Model to improve specificity?: [?]
No Yes Yes and induce a mismatch

Primers: [?] Length - nucleotides with up to permutation(s)

PCR Product Amplicon: [?] Length - base pairs

Reaction Conditions: [?]
[Na+] = mM,  [Mg++] = mM,  [dNTPs] = mM
Annealing Temperature = °C,  [Primers] = nM

Target group: [?] with at least % coverage

Choose aligned FASTA file (limit 50 MB): [?]